I came to Dr. Heskett’s office in April of 2016. I had suffered from migraine headaches for over 25 years. I had suffered from a constant migraine for about 2 months. After numerous trips to the ER, different doctors, and trying different medications I couldn’t find any relief for the pain. My migraines were affecting every aspect of my life, my job, and my family. So much of my life was put on hold or lost because of these migraines. Since I have been going to Dr. Heskett, the migraines are GONE and I have my life back!!!


Thank you Dr. Heskett and Team!


– Mary Beth Peterson

Being a nurse for many years, I was somewhat skeptical of Chiropractic, however, I had heard several good things about Dr. Heskett and his office, so I decided to give it a try. I was suffering with headaches and could hardly move my neck. I was taking ibuprofen with little to no relief. My energy levels were low and I had a difficult time working and couldn’t exercise. After just three adjustments, I had improved the range of motion in my neck. Within 2 weeks, I was able to move my neck and my migraines were gone! I feel so much better, even my mood has improved!!!


THANK YOU, Dr. Heskett and team!


– DeeDee

I was suffering from neck stiffness, middle and lower back pain for five years. I had a very hard time sleeping and wasn't able to turn my head. In the past, I had never gone to any doctors, and hadn't taken any medications. Within five weeks of care with Dr. Heskett, my health has improved and my body is able to tell the difference between being out of alignment, and being in alignment.


Thank you Dr. Heskett and team for improving my life!


– Beth



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